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Cork girls fuck.
It's such an ordinary, human thing,to feel such a crushing loss. Just the scent of your hair and skin,floral fields and warm coconut trees,perfume rising from open ambrosia,it's the heart helplessly on fire,the sound of a star roaringthrough my dark skies. Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Whatever passes through there,
I can promise this,you have woven all worlds into me. Your delicate lips grazed every map that was once a cold valley in me.
The image of such a touch aloneimparts something more tender and visceralthan any tongue can attempt to shape. It's what I carry with me now,the initially tentative meeting of lips,so softly joining and pressingto keep me from spilling,a gift I can still taste now in placeof what can no longer be given,of what was so suddenly taken away. Something passed through me then,the marks we made signaleda code I once broke,clasped to where I cannot let go. Just a taste of all you are is more immediate and visceralthan any poem I will ever write.

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