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Te’thalas quickly turned into a large city as supporting trades came in to keep up with demand. Essex city hall. In less than a decade, it was the third largest city in the land, which was beginning to make the top two very nervous.”
“That doesn’t bode well.”
Ikuno shook her head, “No it didn’t, first they leaned on the King of the land where Te’thalas was located to do something, up till now he had been happily collecting the city’s taxes but when he marched his army to the city to ‘restore order’ he realized his mistake. 120 essex street new york ny. Te’thalas was made up almost entirely of immigrants who had no loyalty to the kingdom but a great deal of loyalty towards the city that put food on the table, kept their people happy and the men’s dicks wet. “The city had been growing too quickly to erect walls or battlements as its borders were pushed further outward each year, so the decision was made for every able-bodied man to step up and defend the city out on the field. Essex restaurant lower east side. Written accounts of that day say there were rows upon rows of men in armor, with at least two hundred magic users behind them and beyond that a sea of peasants and tradesmen.

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