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Ronnie responded, “I like to go to the casino. Horney chicks that want sex domaso. When I suggested that to Sally she said that she hated the casino but would rather go dancing. Now Ron likes to dance and I don’t and you like to gamble so isn’t it obvious?”
“You want me to take you to the casino without Sally. How do you feel about that Sally?”
“I’m quite happy with that, Joe. Girls in mesa that want sex tonight. I just want to have a good night out and you know I like to dance and you don’t.” “You don’t mind me going with Ronnie?” “Joe, I’m already aware that you and Ronnie have been having sex together. I just told Ronnie that I knew and she didn’t deny it. Why do women want anal sex. The way I see it is that you two are going to do your thing whether I like it or not. The question for me is, ‘am I content to sit at home while you two are out screwing?’ The answer is no. I like Ron. He’s good company and I think the two of us will have a great night out together.

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