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She ignored the look and went straight to the desk, held out her hand, and said, “Hullo, Mrs Simons. I’m Melissa Curtis.” Mrs Simons wasn’t flustered and also stood up, shook Miss Curtis by the hand, and beckoned her to sit down. “I’m Jennifer Simons,” she said by way of introduction. There was a look of recognition on Mrs Simons' face. “Have we met before, Miss Curtis?”
Melissa Curtis kept a straight face when she replied, “Probably, at some schools event.”
“Of course, that must be it,” Mrs Simons replied, still thinking she knew Miss Curtis from somewhere.
Miss Curtis got out her pad and started running down various questions about the school. France wife fuckers. Mrs Simons answered the questions which were as usual repetitive. She remained quiet though. School Inspectors must be treated carefully, she knew. Even young ones like Miss Curtis. Maybe especially young ones like Miss Curtis, Mrs Simons reflected. Miss Curtis finished the standard questions and then got out another piece of paper. “I now have to ask you about a complaint that has been received.” Mrs Simons froze.

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