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“That’s not the whole story is it?” Mark replied. “I’m sorry, you, you were asleep, you know what I’m like...” She walked around in front of him and knelt to give him a fulsome view down her braless dress. “Let me make it up to you.” Now she stood up, letting her skirt ride, and making sure he could see there were no knickers under the dress. “Go into the bedroom and wait for me, we’re going to have to deal with this. You know what to expect.”
Katie did know and she was thrilled. She put the milk away and made her way to the bedroom as quickly as dignity would allow.
In the bedroom she changed into lace panties, a bra and a silk slip she knew Mark would approve of. Doing this heightened her anticipation, her pussy started to ache in arousal. She tried to lie out patiently on the bed, listening all the while for clues as to when Mark might join her in the bedroom. After a few minutes there had still not been any sounds coming for the living area of the flat and she was restless. Now she needed some attention.

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