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The bell rang and I snapped my legs shut, so embarrassed that I was sure I was redder than a tomato. Foto sex aletta ocean. I rushed to get my things and leave, but Mr. Fuller stopped me. “Please, Ashleigh, sit back down,” he commanded in a soft, almost guttural tone.
Oh, shit. I thought. Foto sex chat. I was also thinking about sexy he sounded like that, but I tried to shake that off.
I sank back down in my seat and stared up at him. “Y-yes?” I stuttered.
He grinned and walked around his desk, his finger trailing along the ledge of the chalkboard, stopping at the ruler placed there. “You seemed rather distracted in class today. In fact, you seem rather distracted in class everyday. Threesome sex foto session. Care to explain?” I sank even lower in my seat. He noticed and smirked. “Is something wrong, Ashleigh?” I shook my head, unable to speak. What was going on right now? He grabbed the ruler and walked with it towards the door. Foto sex mak mak. He shut the door quietly and closed the blinds. He walked slowly back to my desk, trailing the ruler along the edge of it. He stopped and turned toward me, rubbing the ruler against my thigh.

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